Our services

Promotion Abroad

Pro Brixia assists Brescian companies in exploring business opportunities on international markets

In particular, it provides companies with organisational and logistical assistance for participation in international trade fairs and the organisation of business meetings with foreign buyers.
Using supporting grants for internationalisation provided by the Chamber of Commerce, Pro Brixia is able to offer projects and initiatives to Brescian companies at truly advantageous conditions.
Moreover, Pro Brixia promotes events such as the organisation of country conferences, workshops and technical export training seminars.

Real Estate Exchange

Brescia’s Real Estate Exchange, active since 1995 and managed by Pro Brixia, is a project which seeks to promote the local real estate market.
As well as publishing the price list of property values for Brescia and its province, the Exchange offers consultancy and property survey services to the public with impartiality, transparency and correctness, in order to guarantee a high level of service.  The Real Estate Exchange works together with Brescian professionals of demonstrated experience who operate in the fields of property sales, construction and surveys.  

Conference Centre

Within its historical offices, the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia has created a very modern conference centre which is available to the city, entrepreneurs, professionals and everyone who needs equipped space for conferences, seminars, cultural meetings and conventions.